About Us

XL MANTRA has started working in the field of computing technology to provide it's best with value-driven professional approach. Keeping focus, growth and competition in perspective, XL MANTRA has been able to set standards across its working areas by adopting practices based on quality, commitment, and the zeal to make success a habit. Its customer relationship practices have earned XL MANTRA a good reputation and have enabled it to foray into other related areas thereby giving it scope to expand its customer base.

XL MANTRA has established a vision and mission to focuses on quality and timely delivery of services to its customers, creates a platform for strong relationship building amongst its partners, customers, employees and all who are associated with it.

XL MANTRA trains non-technical students into IT professionals of tomorrow in some of the most in-demand hardware and networking courses and much more even in software and accounting division; courses which are compatible with the needs of various sectors such as IT BPO, KPO, retail, finance, PSUs, healthcare and so on..

In addition to churning out brilliant computer based talent of the country, XL MANTRA places high emphasis on all-round development of its students before they enter the market place. Smart learn methodology is a unique training methodology that focuses on personality development, English-speaking, Yoga, field visits and quizzes.


Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence