About Us

Value Prospect Consulting is an emerging and fastest growing Market Intelligence, Direct & Digital Marketing company offering following services :-
- Integrated Marketing Communications
- Database Analysis(Cluster Analysis, Association Analysis & Sequential Analysis)
- Database Marketing, Standardization & Research (Segmentation, Modelling, Consolidation)
- Digital Marketing (Social Media, SEO, e-Mail, Mobile, Digital PR)
- Demand Generation (Generalised and Syndicated)
- Market Research.
- Direct Marketing
- Account Segmentation, Planning and Monitoring.
- Campaigns for acquisitions and activations.
- Strategic Planning (B2B & B2C)
- Channel Management
- Channel Development
- CRM Data Building
- CRM Data Management/Validation
- In short we are a one stop shop for your All the BTL Activites

Our Database solutions are designed to help our clients in Strategising, Identifying and building TAM (Target Addressable Market), Acquisition, Engagement and Data Maintenance module for their privileged/loyal/new customers. As an agency in customer data integration and analytics for your industry Value Prospects helps you to reach more customers in more effective ways.

We have cutting edge solutions and offerings across Intelligence on SMB's, Channels, Competition, Universe of End users etc across different segments of IT.

Through a blend of cutting edge analysis and best-of-breed technology, we enable you to trace out your Value Prospects.

Business size

101-500 employees

Commercial presence