About Us

We have a standalone concept of One Stop Family Shop with a comprehensive portfolio of retail products offering a large assortment of product categories catering to the needs of the family. For the convenience of customers as well as to identify the store’s stock requirement and sales pattern, V-Mart has internally created 4 divisions/formats that are mentioned below. In certain stores the company has blended two concepts into one if required.

V-Mart Aspire
This format caters to the young generation and hence the focus of the company is to provide GEN X latest trends in fashion.

V-Mart Plus
These stores cater to all the age groups and serve the basic needs of customers and provide contemporary fashion as well.These stores are normally in an area where the target customers range from kids to senior citizens.

V-Mart Corporate
These stores are targeted at customers from the age group 21-35 years and serve their contemporary fashion needs. The merchandise in these stores are specifically for individuals in the corporate world and this line has been internally termed by the company as Gold Line Fashion.

V-Mart Values
These stores cater to all age group focusing on basic needs keeping in mind the economic status of the region where the store is situated. But along with providing low cost products, the quality of the products is not compromised and the company provides value for money while manufacturing/purchasing low cost products.

Business size

500+ employees


Commercial presence