About Us

About Us

Unspun Consulting is a Bangalore based consulting firm delivering simplified marketing solutions for brands & startups. Unspun Consulting helps brands to connect with their audiences through research led marketing campaigns to achieve desired results. You can take your company to the next level in digital communications by connecting with us.

How we Work

Digital Marketing is complex, we simplify it at Unspun. So many multiple ways to spend your marketing budget, how do you know which will help your business?

> Our planning and research process highlights your business goals and customers' needs & suggest best ROI driven marketing channels

> We work with a wide range of companies from small businesses to large enterprises.

> Consult & evaluate competitive Strategy.

> Design & Build your web architecture and social media properties.

> Implement Marketing Services to implement your strategy, based on Website Conversion, SEO, Search Marketing.

Our Strategy

> We Market- Chalking out go-to-market strategies and plans, with a crystal execution path
> We Lead - Enabling clients to generate more leads through our in-house proprietary tools built from years of research
> We Nurture - Building is tough, sustaining is even tougher. We help strengthening the current foothold & taking business to the next level
We Build - Brands that have a strong identity and businesses that add value to end customers

Our Services
Unspun focuses on producing results through social media marketing, web design, SEO, SEM, digital public relations, and web analytics.