About Us

TeacherSITY is an empowerment movement for K12 teachers all over the country. Policy makers, Examining Boards, School administrators, principals and teachers have come together to lead the Teacher Empowerment movement. TeacherSITY is an organised and structured approach towards Teacher Empowerment. Through a series of professional development programs, access to research and teaching resources, community networks and web-based interventions & support, TeacherSITY is poised to help teacher re-invent themselves and their profession of teaching to meet the challenges of the 21st century learners.
TeacherSITY, a collaborative initiative of THE GURUKUL TRUST, is a response to empower teachers enabling them to evolve professionally and personally, such that they equip themselves, intellectually, academically and spiritually to be able to support student needs.
In collaboration with The Gurukul Trust, it is now launching Continuing Professional Development program (CPD) for practising teachers.
TeacherSITY is a movement for, of and by the teachers and it shall soon be a campus. In any or all of its incarnations, the professional and personal challenges, opportunities and needs of the teachers would be addressed, resolved and provided. It is a collaboration amongst teachers, researchers, trainers, institutions, schools and school administrators in providing quality education conforming to global standards.


Business size

101-500 employees


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