About Us

Tact is renowned for its high-quality, high-performance kitchen appliances; Tact is clearly the No. 1 Service provider across India with leading-edge technical superiority, and innovation as the cornerstones of our company philosophy, Tact assures its customers consistent quality and dependability.
The Tact Vision is to be the most cost effective and respected kitchen appliances company in India, delivering the best customer experience and value. In doing so Tact always meets and exceeds customer expectations of quality, technology, optimum pricing and unfailing service and support.
All above visions are the guiding force at Tact today!
We at Tact believe that we are best defined by our people. Our people in turn have complete trust in their company and their brand. This trust drives them to be enthusiastic, committed and hardworking. With strong background and experience in quality and managerial disciplines, our people are our biggest assets.

Business size

101-500 employees


Commercial presence