About Us

When globalization embraces a wide range of choices offered to customers for their every single need, how can your offerings be gladly accepted? How can your brands develop to a top-of-mind awareness? And most importantly, how can you do all with a limited staff, budget and other resources? Leave these all to us.

SAIWORX ENTERTAINMENT is a Delhi based agency specializing in conceptualization, production, line production & direction of live events, shows, exhibitions & festivals for cultural, sports & entertainment platforms at both national & international levels with over 14 years of experience. We effectively provide a wide range of products and services which offer you solutions to shine your brand. These all will definitely be proven to work in line with every promoting phase and goal of your company, but not intend to cost you a fortune, in return.

Our strength lies in our impressive body of work, skilled and experienced workforce, and a strong network within the community of performing arts globally, a rich, varied & abundant artist bank & skilful execution of unique creative concepts to suit client requirements giving its productions a distinctive edge.


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