About Us

Led by industry experts and professionals with more than 15 years of experience we are a knowledge and information service provider to the academia and the corporate in the Indian Subcontinent and beyond.

We provide e-resources and training in the following fields:

1. Compliance and EH&S: We provide the world's most preferred compliance and EH&S (Environment, Health and Safety) database which is useful to chemical and petrochemical majors, pharma companies, pollution control and emergency response authorities, toxicologists, etc.

2. Medical and Allied Sciences: We provide ebooks, journals, videos and path-breaking simulation software for the medical fraternity.

3. Social Sciences: Journals for new and developing areas of social science.

4. eBook Library: We provide the world's biggest collection of eBooks from the world's top 100 Universities and biggest libraries; the biggest repository of primary sources of research.

5. Music: New and unparalleled database which measures the impact of music across countries and cultures. It covers all genres from pop to classical, jazz and world music.

6. ICT:

Interactive content from the best medical publishers in the world for technology based imparting of medical education.
Consultancy in ICT based education in the K-12 segment (interactive classrooms, tablet based education, etc)