About Us

RentellusS Business Consulting Pvt. Ltd. believes in in-depth domain knowledge tempered with ground realities and functional experience. In-depth data mining, statistical reasoning and 360o analysis are at the heart of our services which ensure exclusive and reliable insights into specific business problems. On this foundation lay our multi-disciplinary consultancy service offerings and path breaking solutions to business decision challenges.

Our solutions are aimed at accelerating growth, achieving best-in-class innovation & leadership for the clients opening new avenues for unlimited opportunities and rewards in today’s global market. The company’s offerings represent the latest and the most reliable information indispensable for propelling growth of businesses.

RentellusS’s unique strengths include:
A vast variety of industry specific proprietary data bases which provide a comprehensive view including turnaround points, critical aspects, trends and outliers, etc.,
Experienced high caliber professionals drawn from the respective industries
Unique tools and techniques in research and
Most importantly rigorous Quality Assurance process.

The company provides expert solutions in the following verticals:
Pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and other Life science industries.
Consultancy on Government incentives including:
a. Project design
b. Detailed Engineering estimates
c. Detailed Project Reports &
d. Hand holding
Foreign Trade and
Environmental Services

Business size

1-10 employees


Commercial presence