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Raffles University, Neemrana will be committed to excellence in teaching and learning. The University will at all times endeavor to contribute to the Development of a truly global but more sustainable and culturally diversed society. Education at Raffles University will not be limited to known curricula and narrow field of specialization. Absorption and Integration of new worldwide trends in higher education, and flexibility of options from diverse discipline for students will make education at Raffles University a truly rewarding experience.Essential features of such teaching-learning ambiance in the University would be -
• Environment of open discussions and interaction between faculty and students.
• Availability of diverse options of courses to choose from for student.
• Dynamism of curricula to adjust to emerging challenges.
• Blend of abstract and practical.
• Atmosphere conducive to all round grooming.
• International collaborations.
• Sustainable development as a cross cutting theme.
• Focus on turning out alumni who make meaningful contribution in whatever sphere of life they choose.

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