About Us

One Foundation launched on 11/11/11 with a primary focus on Youth. It’s a youth enrichment initiative and major focus areas includes self-awareness, entrepreneurship, employability and social accountability leading to right career progression and happy life. The beneficiary age group would be 14 years to 30 years.
The major activities would include awareness programs for large groups and mentoring projects for small groups of youth. Members at One Foundation would design, develop and deliver various programs for enrichment of youth through group mentoring/coaching, experiential sharing and generating more awareness on relevant subjects. This is an attempt to bring a small change at grass root level /foundation level to make a difference in career and life journey of Youth.
The philosophy of One foundation (Onefoundation.in) revolves around power of ONE (1).
One represents natural urge to be best …to be number 1.
Roman alphabet for One is I which represents focus on one-self/me.
Being One or oneness also means collaboration and teaming.
Ek no. is the best way to appreciate and compliment.
One percent effort (100 hrs in Year) from each member in a collective way can bring a change we want to see around us.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence