About Us

OM SOFT SOLUTION offers a wide array of services such as professional web site design, web site maintenance, web hosting, graphics design, Product Presentation and other small business services such as logo and banner design.

Our aim is to facilitate the businessman and business organizations to increase their revenue and brand value by utilizing the Information Technology Services. Our job is offering our best services, which satisfies all the needs of our clients and will open new possibilities of taking advantage of our services properly.

Client Oriented Approach is our working strategy. We do efforts to understand the client's requirements. We match our processes to fit your preferences so that you could be sure about our work. Our teams are able to act as extension for your existing organization and can help to increase your revenue. Client's Gratification is our dedication. OM SOFT SOLUTION is completely client-oriented company.


INTEGRITY: We are brought up with strong ethical conviction which says, “don’t do anything for the sake of just doing”.

TIME: We believe in tailor’s rule “Measure Twice cut once”.

INNOVATION: We are always coming up with lot of Innovative ideas to make things faster and efficient.

CREATIVITY: We are constantly backed up by creative driving force which keeps us to create all the time.

QUALITY: It is inbuilt in us and it reflects whatever we do.

Why choose us?

The majority of our new clients are referred to us by existing clients - a good indicator of their satisfaction with our service. We work with our clients to produce high quality web sites at competitive rates. Our experience, creativity and problem solving Skills add value to the jobs we choose to undertake. Our web designing & website development package gives your complete presentation on web.