About Us

Management by Arts help organisations enhance business performance through arts-based learning, creativity & innovation.

We are s a unique, collaborative space that explores managerial learning through various art forms. It is an opportunity to derive tangible learning from creative and artistic processes – relying on inquiry and engagement through the lens of various arts, organizations will gain insights that further shape and develop views on leading, managing and creating.

Our 3 Key areas of focus are

1) Arts based learning for business: Building the artistic side of organizations through storytelling, performance and theatre based workshops

2) Using the arts a a catalyst for learning: Creating engagement and learning solutions like start-stop plays, skill pods and performances around behaviors, products, values and issues.

3) Tailor made learning and engagement solutions: Using various arts to build learning and development solutions for organisation around creativity, leadership and managerial development.

To learn more about Management by Arts workshops, visit www.managementbyarts.com

Business size

1-10 employees


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