About Us


an on demand B2B service for independent verification, validation, qualification, progression, consolidation of prospects, leads, opportunities;

engage managedsales today if your local sales presence
- doesn't exist at all
- yet being contemplated/ planned
- isn't as effective/ productive as initially planned
- is required for intermittent/ seasonal/ fixed time requirements
- is required for an infrequent/ one time strategic engagement
- awaits a long gestation or under utilized in a given fiscal
- is becoming a really expensive proposition
- is considering/ exploring an alternate sales delivery model

engage managedsales as a low cost, no compromise solution for
- being accountable to each & every transaction of yours
- taking ownership in managing your every relationship
- a complete end-to-end selling experience
- and sometimes for just showing up and being there

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence