About Us

About us

Insight Business Machines Pvt. Ltd. has been in the field of Computing Technology since 1992.
What Insight envisages: The right mix of Products, services, People, infrastructure, Resources and Technical expertise

Today INSIGHT is having revenue of more than INR 550 Million. We have invested INR 55 Millions in creating infrastructure & developing specialized Task Force (Technology Consulting Team) across Pan India for better services & reachability to our customers. We are zero depth organisations and are growing profitability year over year.

The prime push for INSIGHT has been towards diversifying itself into many arenas of Digital Information Technology. Today customers are turning to INSIGHT for flexible and operable solutions. Be it Systems Integration, Infrastructure Consolidation, Networking or Application Development we providing efficient, cost effective & cutting-edge technology has been the driving initiative at INSIGHT since last more the one decade.

Our expertise in the Information Technology and the industry domain has been acknowledged by the business community at large. A testimony of this is our distinguished client portfolios that are leaders in their vertical and an achievement that Insight is proud of.

Our vision is Instigate Values by Service Integration and Solutions.

we provide: Compliance, Convergence, and Manageability & Lifecycle Management.

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Business size

101-500 employees

Commercial presence