About Us

Inrea Research is a group company of Netscribes.
We provides patent research, patent analytics, business technology analysis and licensing support services to Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, Start-ups, Venture capitalists, IP consultants, business development executives and law firms in Electronics, Communications, Mechanical, Biomedical Devices, Life Sciences, Consumer goods, Chemical, Chemistry and Materials Science industries.

Through our subject matter expertise and extensive information coverage we help our clients strategize their R&D, their business development efforts and in/ out licensing plans. Further, through our proprietary software and collaboration platforms we help our clients extract insights from formidable patent thickets and drive key business decisions.

Research Services (Prior-art Searches):
· Patentability/ Novelty
· Validity/ Invalidity
· Freedom-to-operate/ Clearance
· State-of-the-art/ Collection
· Structure/ Sequence/ Reaction
· Non-patent Literature

Patent Analysis Services:
· Industry Intelligence and Forecasts
· Competitive Intelligence
· Patent Landscaping and Mapping
· Portfolio Analysis
· In/ Out Licensing Support
· Legal Status Analysis
· Business & Technology Analysis
· Visual Thememaps
· Updates/ Watches

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence