About Us

IdeaCarve is a technology and innovation consulting firm.

We partner with clients in all regions to identify their opportunities, address their most critical barriers, and transform their enterprises.

Our practice includes - Learn, Measure and Innovate.

Learn -

Key factors that companies compete in a industry.
Factors that lead buyer to trade up / down among alternative industry/strategy groups.
Identify the commercially compelling opportunity among haystack of possibility.
Identify buyer group/segments - user, purchaser, influencer.

Strategy -

Focus on how to be best and stand out, and put efforts in actions that affect its cost structure and its value proposition to buyers and there by, creating leap in value for buyers and your company.
Eliminate, Reduce, Raise, Create the key factors that will help organization to create and capture a new demand. Attract the non customers from alternatives.

Innovate -

We help organization address the barriers in actualizing the business idea and creating a commercially
viable product/service, such that there is a exceptional buyer utility, and able to attain the profit at
the strategic pricing that it is easily accessible to the mass of buyers.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence