About Us

GLS is a non-profit charitable public Trust committed to the spread of the Gospel.

Board of Trustees
The organization is led by a Board of Trustees with an Executive Trustee. The Board oversees the organization and ensures that it is operating efficiently to achieve the objectives.

Management Team
The Executive Trustee heads the management Team which is responsible for the running of the organization. Its affairs are organized by functions. The functional heads who report to the Executive Trustee are ably assisted by a team of committed people .

An Advisory Board that comprises of Evangelical professionals who are able and competent in various fields, advise, support and assist the GLS Management Team in its operations.

A Council to promote the ministry is envisaged with members from all parts of India and abroad.

Advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Transforming the lives and values of the people

Building up lives of faith

Developing and publishing, relevant distinctive segment oriented and affordable resources in Major Indian Languages and English,
Facilitating efforts to greater effectiveness in evangelism, discipleship and promotion of Christian knowledge by meeting the felt needs.

Business size

26-100 employees


Commercial presence