About Us

Excavate Research is an emerging leader in the Market Research And Business Intelligence Industry.

A group of experienced and like minded market research professionals from a few leading market research organizations came together in early 2010 to pursue their collective passion to understand the mind of the one person behind every business in the world, THE CONSUMER. That is when Excavate Research came into existence and is today considered one of the most promising and innovative market research companies in India.

Within a short span of time, we have brought together the most innovative minds backed by world class infrastructure to build a diverse and dynamic team ready to tackle any business problem faced by our clients from several different industries.

Our focus on innovation has brought tremendous growth along our way over the past 3 years, we stand at 115+ employees today having worked with the biggest brands in the world.

Keeping pace with the always evolving Consumer, we have been continuously evolving and adapting ourselves with the global business trends. Our core services include:

Survey Programming
Data Collection
Open End Coding
Data Tabulation
Data Analysis
Online/Offline Dashboards Development

Monitoring Financial KPI’s through live dashboards updated in real time with each single entry in financial models with 100% secured data services
Competitor landscaping
Business optimization and streamlining through financial analysis
Building investors pitches for raising funds through VC/PE
Investment trend and Future Outlook in the sector
Company’s Financial and operational performance
Company’s Relative Market Position
Building Business plans & financial modelling

Market Sizing and opportunity assessment

Excavate launched its Tablet Surveys, Automated PPT and Compliance management tools. We are offering services for customized development based on user requirement. Also we offer consulting for Compliance management.

Business size

101-500 employees

Commercial presence