About Us

Our promise as a manufacturer is to build community value into every project while delivering quality construction material with professional expertise and exceptional customer services.

We are engaged in the business of manufacturing of building construction material especially "Dry ready mix wall plaster" named " RHINO PLAST".

"RHINO PLAST" ready mix plaster is a fine quality wall plaster dry mix specially made to give a superior finish and strength to the interior and exterior surface. it is a premix single application dry mix.

"RHINO PLAST" contains dust free graded sand for excellent bounding, major brand 53 grade slag cement, additional additives, strong polymers and selected chemicals for less cracks, better bounding, less curing, water resistance and smooth and high surface of plaster.

"RHINO PLAST" is very economical as it covers more area with less material as it is a superfine low density material.

We are also Manufacturing a unique Tiles Adhesive named RHINO BODER. RHINO BONDER is cement based and chemical modified cementitious tile adhesive.Basically it is recommended for fixing various types of Tiles applications and as per name “RHINO BONDER” is most suitable for bonding tiles on surface. Basically RHINO BONDER is grey colored powder used for tile fitting replace by ordinary method of cement and sand. RHINO BONDER have a characteristic of bonding tightly with tiles and substrates where tile is fitting.

RHINO BONDER is a ready to use material and have excellent water proofing quality. RHINO BONDER prevent from shrinkage, cracks and moving of tiles. It contains highest grade of graded sand, 53 grade cement, selected fillers, polymers and chemical additives to give it unique properties.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence