About Us

Enduring Value Advisory & Practice LLP- a full-service CSR and Sustainability Advisory & Practice has been founded with a Vision to provide end-to-end services to Indian and Multinational Companies to achieve their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability objectives as responsible corporate citizens.

We specialize in creating shared value for companies and their various stakeholders by devising meaningful and accountable programs that maximize the impact of their CSR and Sustainability programs by building capabilities, creating opportunities and sustainable value that is measurable, perceivable and tangible.

We are able to achieve this because of our vast and diverse expertise garnered over 4-5 decades from leading Indian and Multinational companies in the areas of:
​ CSR Strategy & Policy formulation
Need/Impact assessment
Project design and management
​ Diversity and Inclusion
​ Affirmative Action
​ Sustainabililty Reporting
​ Communicating with internal and external stakeholders .

Our experience encompasses:
​ Setting up from scratch, CSR/ Sustainability practice in leading companies
​ Working in Public Private Partnerships
​ Creation of a measurement index to measure impact and sustainability quotient of CSR/ Sustainability projects.

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