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About Us

Ecotech Technologies (I) Private Limited

Founded by: Mr Bimal Das.

Received many awards for Aromatherapy products Research and Development.

Company Profile:
Ecoplanet provides solutions for the food, pharmaceutical, nutritional, aromatherapy and agricultural industries in close cooperation with our customers and partners for the need of ingredients.
We manufacture and source natural ingredients like herbs, herbal extracts, essential oils, career oils, oleoresins, aromatherapy products, food additives, teas, herbal teas, dry flowers etc.

Our Vision:
Our Vision is to improve the quality of life of people by bridging between nature and mankind.

Our Mission:
Make world class Aromatherapy products using proven knowledge from Ayurveda and safe ingredients.


Aromatherapy is a holistic method of healing based on the skillful use of pure essential oils that stimulate the natural regenerative processes of the body
It helps the body to find a natural way to cure itself and improve its immune responses
It heals the body physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Essential Oils:

These are extracted from flowers, herbs, barks, fruits and spices by either steam distillation, simple pressure or even by dissolving in solvents. These have been called the 'lifeblood of plants' as they contain the healing properties in a very potent, concentrated form.

Ecoplanet products:

1) Massage Oil.
2) Aromatherapy Massage Gel, Cream and Lotion.
3) Aromatherapy Massage Candle.
4) Hair Care Products.
5) Reflexology Products.
6) Cellulite Products.
7) Skin Care Products.
8) Ecoplanet Face and Body Packs/Wraps.
9) Ecoplanet Scrub/Body Polish.
10) Diffuser Oil.
11) Wet Towel Oil.
12) Aromatherapy Soaks and Salts.
13) Aromatherapy Soak:Jelly
14) Aromatherapy Hygiene Products.
15) Herbal Potli.
16) Tea Light Candle.
17) Tea
18) Aromatherapy Toileteries.
19) Carrier Oil.
20) Essential Oils.


Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence