About Us

e-navik group is a global services firm focused on conceiving, developing and distributing customer-focused solutions for companies in, amongst others, the automotive, aerospace and telecommunications industries. We provide an integrated service offering in technology, consulting and engineering as well as the development and implementation of world-class business applications.

We support our customers in retrieving the best value possible from their IT. Thanks to our customer-driven value system and dynamic team of experts, e-navik delivers innovative and competent high quality solutions. Our experts are equipped with industry specific knowledge enabling e-navik to provide state-of-the-art expertise in application management, testing and engineering.

Simultaneously our customer centric approach ensures that we, together with the customer, identify the best solution to individual demands and requirements. Since e-navik emphasizes the values of integrity and transparency, we are aligned with an advocacy toward client learning and ensure that the client is constantly informed about the process of a running project.