About Us

Direct Cyber Technologies is a leading, multi-national, internet products company that builds innovative, mass-market, Web 2.0 products and services used by millions of users worldwide.

Committed To Providing An Excellent Service To All

Direct Cyber Technologies is a quality web, email, SSL and Domain Registration provider delivering Web 2.0 products for web developers, IT managers and business owners worldwide. We offer a portfolio of highly reliable, fast and affordable web hosting solutions to the world.
Building online branding with your own domain name used to be an expensive and complicated exercise. Now a new era of web hosting is emerging that will see a simplification of processes and great cost reductions. This will open up the Internet to more businesses and create opportunities for new and existing web publishing companies.
Direct Cyber Technologies understands what these web publishers are going to need to become successful and thriving, and it is our goal to give every advantage to any web development company that operates on our network.
We are confident to lead your business forward in this emerging global economy with:
• Reliable, fast and affordable web hosting, website design, domain management solutions.
• The best customer service no matter how big or small you are.
• Online branding with a simple process and at a reduced cost.
• An innovative partner program with advantages for our customers.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence