About Us

Braino Services is a Biometric Technology based software company. Braino Services specializes in any type of hardware integration. Braino Services is head-quartered in New Delhi India.

We have expertise to integrate multiple technologies into unique solutions. Expertise includes Facial Recognition, IRIS Recognition, Fingerprint Recognition, Voice Recognitions, RFID and Smart Card, GPS/GPRS Communication, Serial Port and Bluetooth Communication, Sensor integration etc.

We provide worldwide OEM Development Services, High-End Biometric Engineering and Image processing applications. We also offer customized solutions for Large Enterprises such as Construction, Education, Hospitals, Hotels, Clubs, Govt. Departments, Banking, & Retail Industries.

We specialize in Corporate Security and Personal Identity using smart Biometric Authentication Algorithms with the latest technologies. Major Activities Design, Development, delivery, deployment, and maintenance of biometric identification software and hardware solutions.

Our Expertise Area :
Any type of hardware integration like Biometric (Finger, Face, IRIS, Voice)
GPS and GPRS based integration
Bluetooth communication
RFID and Smart card based application development
Serial and USB communication

Our Biometric Products :
Morpho UID Kit :
1. Morpho TOP 100 4+4+2 Finger Scanner
2. IriMagic 1000 BK Dual Eye Scanner

3M Cogent UID Kit :
1. 3M Cogent CS500e 4+4+2 Fingerprint Scanner
2. 3M Cogent CIS202 IRIS Scanner

Single Fingerprint Scanner
1. Morpho MSO 1300 E2 Single Finger Print Scanner
2. 3M Cogent CSD200 Single Finger Print Scanner

Complete Aadhar KIT
Finger + IRIS Scanner ,Laptop, TFT Monitor,
Webcam, Background Screen, USB Hub, Flash Light

Morpho Scanner MSO1300

Our Softwares :
Visitor Management System
Restaurent Billing System
Video Scan [Face Recognition System]
Vehicle Tracking System

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence